• Bed / Cushion
  • Bed / Cushion
  • Bed / Cushion
  • Bed / Cushion
  • Bed / Cushion
  • Bed / Cushion
  • Bed / Cushion
  • Bed / Cushion
  • Bed / Cushion
  • Bed / Cushion
  • Bed / Cushion

Bed / Cushion

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  • The pillow is extremely light and does not lose its fluffiness
  • We also sew to size. If you need a different size of the pillow, write to us at info@wildwoof.pl for a quote

The Wild Woof bed is a combination of super durable and non-hair catching materials with a simple design that fits any interior.About the filling: Silicone ball, otherwise known as artificial fluff, is made of thin silicone fibers formed into balls with a diameter of about 5mm. Each single fiber is spirally twisted and has a hollow channel along its entire length ensuring proper air circulation and elasticity. The silicone ball is durable, resistant to deformation, bending, abrasion, tearing. It has extraordinary performance properties, comparable to natural down. Perfectly adjusting to the shape of the head and ensuring optimal sleeping comfort. It is ideal for people with allergic tendencies. Machine washable up to 30 degrees and spin at low speed! If you need a different size, write to us in the comments to the order or contact us by e-mail, we will sew any size! Sewn products and dimensions are not returnable, only possible corrections.

  • Silicone ball filling - artificial down
  • On one side, quilted upholstery material (with wadding inside) and on the other, PVC polyester material (insulating from the ground and waterproof)

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  • Premium Materials

    Our product are handcrafted in Poland, built with branded components.

  • Wild Upcykling

    For the sake of the environment, we replace old worn parts with new ones.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    Our products come with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Customer Service

    Do you have questions about the products? info@wildwoof.pl


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